Jordan Marie Ford

Actor, Writer, *insert a more immediate skill here*

Women's Theatre Alliance


Chicago Dramatists present

A Play reading of

American Carnage

Free Admission

February 17th

@ 7:00pm

1105 W Chicago Ave

Chicago, Il

Russ Tutterow Theater

art by @lauracallaghanillustration

Production Photos



Yes. The answer to your question is yes. A fun mirror version of Alan Ball's Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. A play about women,written by a man. So naturally this is a flip of that. Five men preparing for the same wedding.

On the tenth anniversary of a small town's biggest tragedy yet, our survivor, Liz, is met by a brand new journalist, Greg. As the seemingly quaint interaction takes a turn, Liz's story is revealed to not hold true.


Two people. Stuck together during Hurricane Sandy. It's not exactly what you think.

In a world where virtual reality video games have taken it too far. The every day cycle of a sentient figure who does not exist.

Five Men Wearing the Same Suit


amherst, Maine





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