As every Forever 21 employee has said before, unprompted- HI, WELCOME IN! As a founding member of the Sarah Street Collective, Jordan understands the Importance of range. A self proclaimed jack of all trades- master of some- Jordan is award nominated playwright, a skilled costume designer, a trained mover, as well as an actress.  Acting has taken her many places- including the KCACTF Regional Festival with Jordan Morille's Norma's Rest which went on to win the John Cauble Award for Outstanding Short Play and was performed on campus and in the showcase at the festival. 

Writing was always one of her 'secret' passions (she wrote her diary to be published). Jordan is a playwright herself and as of this year had her own short play, Afterlife, nominated to compete for the KCACTF National Ten-Minute Play Award. She also co-wrote a spoof of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Five Men Wearing the same.... you get it) which was- with the help of Michael Rau- on the main stage at Texas State. 

All of that is to say that she sees theater as a collaborative art in literally the most cliché way anyone can say that. It's a cliché for a reason. *insert something about going to art school for half my life and how that opportunity filled me with a healthy sense of who I am as a person and who I am as an artist- maybe a joke about how weird performing arts kids are?*  

 As a Gemini with her moon in Pisces which is just astrology for the meanest cry baby on earth) 

She is a co-founder of the Sarah street collective, a collection of artists who are committed to producing works in several platforms that are pertinent to a contemporary audience. Central to That mission, the work we choose originates from diverse backgrounds and explores multiple points of view. From a millennial perspective, we engage in interpersonal relationships with our audience to facilitate discussion for different ideologies.

(When isn't it)